Good Grief People

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Good Grief People is an anthology filled with real stories respecting and affirming the individuality of grief and the reality of hope.
The authors Alan Anderson, Glynis M. Belec, Barbara Heagy, Donna Mann, Ruth Smith Meyer, and Carolyn Wilker are all intimately acquainted with grief through personal losses. Their stories of family, friends and community members acknowledge that grief affects us all at some time in our lives.
Good Grief People offers no specific formula for grieving but it does offer an opportunity for readers to know they are not alone. Faith-filled reflections, experiences of a living God, quiet poetic contemplation and stories of loving families and supportive communities offer the reader some insight into the many ways people grieve.
“Death is part of life.”
Sometimes it can be a very painful part of life but it is something none of us can escape.
Deep grief is a sign of deep love. The passionately written stories in Good Grief People honour and recognize that everyone grieves differently.

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